Reading Group Meeting:

Wednesday 13th November 2013, 1 – 2pm, Room RS 358 (in 309 Regent Street)


lyotard-postmodernJean-Francois Lyotard, The Postmodern Condition: A Report on Knowledge (1979, trans. 1984)

Buy it here: housemans bookshop or amazon

Online text here: (first 5 chapters only)

Full pdf available here: (full pdf)

Suggested Reading Schedule (for online discussions):

Week 3: Introduction, chapters 1-3 (pp.xxiii-11)

Week 4: chapters 4-6 (pp.11-23)

Week 5: chapters 7-9 (pp.23-37)

Week 6: chapters 10 & 11 (pp.37-47)

Week 7: chapters 12 & 13 (pp.47-60)

Week 8: chapters 14, Appendix (pp.60-82)

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