Democratic politics and the dynamics of passions (post-Blacker)

Post the symposium and the reading group discussing David Blacker’s text I came across this article, via Allan Parson’s blog Prolepsis and Poesis. It’s taken from a presentation by Chantal Mouffe at the Second Moscow Biennial of Contemporary Art (2007):

But nihilist wisdom does not only give a phantasmagorical view of our world, featuring the entire mankind as a population of merry consumers overfilling all bins with the refuse of their frantic consumption. It also pictures the law of domination as a force that permeates any will to do anything against it. Any protest is a performance, any performance is a spectacle, any spectacle is a commodity, such is the ground thesis of this post-Marxist and post-Situationist wisdom.
Chantal Mouffe
Agonistic public spaces: Democratic politics and the Dynamics of Passions

A further perspective on the ‘apocalytic’ scenarios which we were discussing, and the possibilities of resistance and change?

Steven Cranfield


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