Research Lab 1.2: Methodologies of Emergence in Creative Practice

The following images are taken from Caroline Baruah’s presentation to the second HEAT Research Lab. We have kept the wonderful images from the presentation, and the accompanying notes, to try and capture the rich suggestiveness of Caroline’s talk.


An attempt at reconciling my identities and disciplines within a theoretical framework

My gaze towards this…



Knowing is more than a conscious, individual or cognitive process, The process or methodology towards knowing (research) creates the information.

The tacit dimension is the sensual place before knowledge is formalised/explained/understood/nailed down.

We have to become aware of something before we can know it.

Where is the audience? Meaning seeking is outside the individual

Stephen Kemmis argued that knowing (in professional practice) is an unfolding action and dramaturgical in nature / but he is talking about the expert practitioner here.

Schön argued that if universities are to really value other kinds of scholarship than the scholarship of discovery that underpins much university research, then they must find new ways of thinking about and valuing the knowledge inherent in the other forms of scholarship.



Visual Art practice must include the viewer, the audience, someone the art is directed for.



Slide 4a

Slide 4b

Slide 4c

Slide 4d


Using play to make something then reflectively looking at it to see what is there.



What we are trying to express in art practice eludes formalized description, therefore eludes a tangible shape to be described in words




Lacan suggests that in the operation of ‘the gaze’ searching for the ‘petit object a’ is the function of the gaze so once the petit object a is found it no longer exists

The story of Tantalis…


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