Reading Group on Sedgwick’s ‘Pedagogy of Buddhism’

A reminder that our next HEAT reading group will be meeting this Wednesday 20th May, from 1-3pm in Room 158 on the first floor of the Regent Street building. 9780822330158

The text to read for Wednesday is the final chapter from Eve Kosofsky Sedgwick’s 2003 collection Touching Feeling: Affect, Pedagogy, Performativity, entitled ‘Pedagogy of Buddhism’. In this chapter, Sedgwick develops the idea of ‘near-miss pedagogy’ as a way of thinking through some of the common impasses of education, suggesting it is often too late when when we finally recognize the “resistance” of a student as a form of pedagogy aimed at us:

Perhaps their implication has been: Try it my way – if you’re going to teach me. Or even: I have something more important to teach you than you have to teach me.

An e-book of the text is available through the university’s library site: Read e-book. Jenni Nowlan, Senior Lecturer in Occupational and Organisational Psychology in the Westminster Business School, has kindly agreed to introduce the chapter.

This LRB review introduces some of the themes of Segwick’s work, including the influence of sculpture and Buddhism. HEAT members might also be interested in Sedgwick’s (slightly denser and more technical) essay on ‘Teaching/Depression’, freely available online here. Finally, this website has a detailed biography and archive of Sedgwick’s work.


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