Social Theory Applied

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Readers of and contributors to HEAT may be interested in the Social Theory Applied website which is maintained by Mark Murphy, a Reader in Education and Public Policy at the University of Glasgow. He initiated it in January 2013.

Mark and the contributors to the Social Theory Applied website are engaging with a set of theories, developed by the likes of Michel Foucault, Jacques Derrida, Pierre Bourdieu, et al., theorists who could never be described as straightforward or easy to follow. In addition, there is a variety of issues to face when applying such ideas in research contexts, a field of complex interwoven imperatives and practices in its own right.

Mark notes that the various levels of challenges, such as epistemological, operational or analytical, inevitably impact on researchers and their attempts to make sense of research questions, whether these be questions of governance and political regulation, social reproduction, power, cultural or professional identities, etc..

It has a sister site hosting the Journal of Applied Social Theory, of which no issues have yet been published. We look forward to its first issue.


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