Gert Biesta’s The Beautiful Risk of Education

Please join us for our next reading group, which takes place on Wednesday 2nd March, from 2pm to 4pm, in Room c389 (the Chiltern Building of the Marylebone campus).

We will be reading the prologue and two chapters from Gert Biesta’s recently published book, The Beautiful Risk of Education (2014):

  • ‘Prologue: On the Weakness of Education’ (pp.1-9), ‘Teaching’ and ‘Learning’ (pp.43-76)

For University of Westminster staff, the whole book can now be accessed from this link in Library Search. A pdf of these chapters is available here: Biesta, Beautiful Risk of Education.

Biesta argues that what many teachers know but are increasingly prevented from talking about is that education always involves a risk, and that attempts to take the risk out of education by making it strong, secure and predictable involve the chance of removing education altogether.

There’s an interview with Biesta about his book here: