Articles on English higher education


The London Review of Books has recently published two articles on two different aspects of current conditions within the English university. Andrew McGettigan writes on the reasons for the government’s delay in further sales of the student loan book while Marina Warner writes about prevailing employment conditions.

Warner cites examples of what the American scholar Lauren Berlant has called ‘cruel optimism’, such as,

“People open themselves to exploitation when the sense of self-worth that derives from doing something they believe in comes up against a hierarchical authority that is secretive, arbitrary and ruthless.”

The articles can be found here:

McGettigan, A. (2015). Cash today. London Review of Books, 37 (5), 24–28. Available from: [Accessed 22 March 2015].

Warner, M. (2015). Learning my lesson: the disfiguring of higher education. London Review of Books, 37 (6), 8, 10, 12, 14. Available from [Accessed 22 March 2015].


Research Lab 1.2

Please note that the next Higher Education and Theory (HEAT) network Research Lab will take place next week:

1pm – 4pm, Wednesda​y 25th March in Room 255 (in the Regent Street building). 

There will be three short presentations on learning and teaching at this event by Caroline Baruah (Art and Design), Michele Ledda (DPIR) and Paresh Kathrani (Law School).


The Research Lab is intended to be an informal space to test, share, observe and discuss ideas regarding learning and teaching pedagogies in a collaborative and supportive setting, to encourage participants to reflect on and develop their own research, and to give an opportunity to discover shared themes and interests. Everyone is welcome to attend and take part in the discussion.

We are also looking for people willing to give short presentations at the next Research Lab in May: if you are interested please email Matthew or Steven.